Rise of the Drones (short documentary)

‘Rise of the Drones’ is a short PBS documentary on the history of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs as the military and developers call them) or Drones, as they are popularly known. Much of the information is useful. There’s a terror invoked with just the thought of some of these fantasies of the world of D A R P A, total information awareness, of a drone that can see and record all movement in the city or geographical area it hovers above, miles above, among the clouds. With surveillance the question isn’t “will we be seen?” as much as it is  “how does this shape our lives?”, “what does it produce as a relationship?”. These questions are cybernetic questions. And why remain so much more terrified about the camera overhead, rather than those we carry with us, into the process of identity management, attests to the subtle intelligence of social networks (also essentially created by D A R P A).


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